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A month ago, my husband and I bought a business in the United States, and today we received an L1 visa - a business visa that allows you to work in your company and make money!

The path to today was stressful and not easy! However, thanks to the business broker and immigration attorney, we went through it with a wonderful result!

How it all began: We had a goal to invest in an American company, but we did not know how to achieve it. We considered two options: either to open a new company or invest in an existing one with developed clients’ base.

We studied various sources about visas, business opportunities, cons and pros of both options. We met with American attorney and read forums and the US government sites dedicated to these topics.

We could not find an answer...

And when we already had enough information from official sources about the procedures to understand how competently other people write and speak on this topic, I saw a discussion written by Alena Safonova on Facebook about how to open a business in the USA. She gave precise tips and comments that I have been looking for so long !! I went to her page, looked through her posts ... and, probably, that night I didn’t fall asleep anymore. I looked at all Florida Buy and Sell’s videos on YouTube. I went to the pages of their clients and studied them. I invested a lot of time in that, but I found the answers to all my questions like

  • Where to start;
  • Why is it more beneficial to buy a company, rather than open a new one;
  • What exactly to do at each stage;
  • How long does it take;
  • Which lawyer to choose, etc. etc.

We got excited and run into the action... So I met business brokers Alena and Nikolai Safonov, who eventually helped me to buy the company in accordance with all characteristics and financial indicators we gave them.

Finding and buying a company was not easy: we had a limited budget, and the requirements from USCIS for applying for an L1 visa only tightened the situation. We searched the business for several months. The brokers actively helped us to evaluate opportunities and openly discussed their drawbacks. Alena and Victoria were combing the entire state of Florida for businesses, and Nikolai evaluated their financial reports. That helped us to avoid fatal mistakes.

We declined an opportunity, which at first glance was the dream of any investor, and after reviewing by Nikolai Safonov it turned out to be unprofitable, problematic and practically bankrupt. In another situation, thanks to the advice of business brokers, we rejected the company after revealing errors in the tax reporting.

When we found the company we bought, we found a compromise with the seller and sign a contract because of the extensive help from our brokers.

I am very thankful Alena Safonova helped us to settle in a new place. She helped us to buy a car and find a place to live in. She advised us in which bank to open an account, and many more.

One month after the purchase, the American company we bought demonstrates stable financial performance. We are planning to improve it by the end of the year.

To summarize, thanks to the coordinated and professional work of our brokers Alena Safonova, Victoria Palikopa, and Nikolai Safonov bought an American company that allowed us to get our L1 visa and demonstrates successful financial performance!

I recommend everyone who is on such a difficult path to engage those professionals. They definitely will give answers to all your questions!



Mila Kirillova

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